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Use Cases

Data sharing ecosystems are becoming widely accepted around the world as the most effective way to let different entities easily share information. This helps make better decisions, offer tailored services to customers, and run operations more efficiently. They also aim to keep data safe and private.

Data ecosystems range in size and scope from national schemes – such as Open Banking or identity verification – to private enterprise needs, such as onboarding suppliers and partners.

Our technology can help with all your data sharing and verification needs.

The possibilities created by secure and trusted data sharing are endless. Whatever your needs are or sector you are in, our enabling technology can help. The core principles and foundations required for consented data sharing remain the same regardless.

Open Banking to Open Everything…

Raidiam can help governments, regulators, scheme operators or consortiums achieve national sector-wide initiatives such as:

Open Banking

Open Finance

Open Insurance

Open Telecoms

Open Energy

Open Health

Open Transport

Open Property

…or any combination of the above, in order to bring cross-sectorial Smart Data into reality.

National identity verification services

As we increasingly live our lives online, the demand for trustworthy digital identity checks is growing. These services are all about ensuring that personal data is safe and that the shared information is verified and reliable. Raidiam provides all the essentials for setting up these verification services.

Federal digital ID

Identity verification

Age verification

Residency verification

Qualification verification

Customer services

Customers now expect faster and easier access to services, whether it’s A wider choice of payment types or getting instant quotes for insurance or loans. The key factor in all these services is the safe and quick sharing of approved data by consented users. Raidiam can help set up and maintain these kinds of services.

  • Payment initiation, for example:
    • Tax payments
    • One-off payments
    • Variable Recurring Payments
    • Confirmation of Payee
  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • Embedded Payments, Embedded Finance or Embedded Banking
  • Account switching
  • Insurance or loan quotations and acquisitions
  • Proprietary solution-based offerings, for example, SME services

Enterprise API Access Management

Companies know they need to adapt for the digital age and use data wisely, or they’ll fall behind more innovative rivals. We can help you succeed in this. Our capabilities can help you achieve:

  • Secure, stable platformisation of your enterprise
  • Your own API marketplace
  • Effective supplier and partner management
  • Internal governance and compliance
  • Cross border services
  • Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) operations

How do we do this?

Designing, launching and successfully establishing a new initiative or process improvement significantly benefits from experienced support. Raidiam’s proven technology is the global gold-standard in consented data sharing. Using our unparalleled experience we have designed and repeatedly tested a series of enablers and services that aid the development of propositions and further underpin the security and trust in your ecosystem. These include:

Scoping and design

Providing a sandbox environment

Authorisation of applications

Processes for onboarding & accreditation of participants

Discoverability of participants

Ensuring conformance to standards and data

Offering external certificate validation

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

Helping you achieve your goals

Our partnership starts from our first conversation with you. We work to understand your exact requirements and desired outcomes so we can help you achieve them effectively and efficiently. Our relationship doesn’t end at the point of delivery; we will be by your side for as long as you want us to support your ecosystem as it continues to grow and deliver success, however you choose to use it.

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