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Our conformance testing and certification services for regulatory, scheme or consortium ecosystems. Raidiam Assure provides processes and tools to verify and enforce that participants are correctly implementing the ecosystem standard.

Trusted and proven

We are the only company in the world providing multi-sectoral conformance and certification services across multiple national ecosystems.

Providing assurance

  • Ensure your data sharing ecosystem is conformant, fully tested and assessed
  • Have full visibility of your participants’ compliance
  • Support your participants in providing a secure and trusted customer service

Supporting competition and innovation

Our assurance services remove barriers for third parties to participate by providing guidance and testing facilities centrally.

Raidiam Assure provides you with:

  • Conformance Suite Platform

    Web application powered with exhaustive test scenarios which enables participants to validate that their implementation of standards, protocols or API specifications is conformant.
  • Certification Program

    Implementation of a suitable conformance framework, helping you manage all the flows required to certify a participant’s implementation is conformant.
  • Production Testing and Validation

    Real-time testing tools and processes to ensure participants’ production implementations are correct, all done in a live and secure environment.
  • API Product and Support Team

    Dedicated product managers and API architects to provide expertise regarding security, standards and testing scenarios
  • Test Development

    Dedicated Development Squad that will continuously develop test modules and scenarios to ensure wide and exhaustive validation of any new APIs released

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