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Our unique, comprehensive Trust Platform technology suite to build your secure data sharing ecosystem.

Your complete ecosystem solution

Putting you at the centre of your data sharing world, unmatched by any other provider.

Available as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Raidiam Connect is the only technology solution in the market that provides everything needed to create, secure and control your own data sharing ecosystem.

Its clever simplicity means it can be configured quickly and easily implemented into any sector or environment, securely facilitating data sharing for any purpose.

Raidiam Connect is ideal for:


Facilities improved customer experiences, internal efficiencies and provides insights for growth and innovation opportunities, amongst other possibilities. For example, a global organisation with multiple brands.

Consortiums of enterprises

Enables the connection of individual ecosystems without the need to give up autonomy. For example, a national identity scheme.

Governments, sector regulators, and scheme operators

Powers national ecosystems with the potential for hundreds of participants and the reach of millions of consumers. For example, a national Open Banking initiative.

Proven technology that underpins established data sharing ecosystems, globally

  • Centralised SSO

    Unified login and credentials across all ecosystem platforms.
  • Centralised Discovery Portal

    Provides a consolidated location and easy-to-use interface for all relevant participant technical information.
  • Participant management

    Enables easy onboarding and management of all participants, defining their access scope, published artefacts, and the ability to revoke their API access in real time .
  • Private PKI and Keystores

    Generation of encryption and signature certificates for secure API communication.
  • FAPI Graded Registration Artefacts

    Provides the functional requirements and artefacts to enable your ecosystem to support FAPI graded APIs, including DCR and OIDC Federation.

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