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Rafe Mazer: Emerging markets won’t achieve Open Finance through voluntary measures

Open Finance is expanding in emerging markets across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, driven by a mix of government policy and private sector innovation. Open Finance in emerging markets brings its own particular needs in areas such as financial inclusion, and risk in areas such as consumer protection. Across these geographies, Open Finance can build on a decade of electronic payments expansion to be a transformative force for financial inclusion, competition, and innovation.

To grow the conversation on Open Finance in emerging markets, Raidiam is pleased to share two reports, “Moving Markets Towards Open Finance” and “Consumer Protection for Open Finance”, authored by Rafe Mazer, Director of Fair Finance Consulting and a leading voice on consumer protection and competition in digital financial services.

These reports, prepared through funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, offer a fresh perspective on the trade-offs of mandatory and voluntary Open Finance models, and the seven key consumer risks that need to be addressed for Open Finance to thrive in emerging markets.

Download report: Consumer Protection for Open Finance

Download report: Moving Markets Toward Open Finance

Rafe Mazer is Director of Fair Finance Consulting, a consumer protection and competition policy advisory firm. Rafe is a global leader on consumer protection and competition in digital financial services, partnering with governments and financial institutions to build policies and products that balance innovation with consumer protection and fair competition. These reports were prepared with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All opinions are solely those of the author.

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