Assess, assemble, assure

Raidiam consultants will help you identify the right identity platform for your strategic and regulatory environment. Our engineers will build on that strategy to create the platform you need to meet your business goals. And we’ll integrate and support that platform for you.

With Identity at our core, we traverse the historical divide between business need and IT capability. Our accelerators; such as Raidiam Connect Gateway are designed to provide optimised routes of passage to meet your regulatory challenges such as the eIDAS digital certificate challenge under PSD2.

Our work on next-generation technology architectures and the business opportunities provided by a modern, flexible solution will help your organisation improve customer experience and satisfaction. At the same time we provide guidance that will reduce ongoing costs, reduce time-to-market and deliver a consistent model cross your web, mobile and API channels

Raidiam engineers and consultants will work with you to understand your business model, your goals, the dynamics of your market and the needs of your customers. This is achieved through our ‘Triple A’ method, once we understand your challenges and timelines, Raidiam will help you to:

·       Assess — understand what your identity management needs are, what technology you need to meet those needs and how best to integrate that technology.

·       Assemble — find the right solutions and then build them into a platform which integrates with your existing infrastructure and meets your business needs. 

·       Assure — provide industry-leading technical and user support for your IAM system, to ensure the best possible experience for internal and external customers.  

With the right system for identity management, you can integrate your website, apps and other online touchpoints with services offered by trusted partners. This allows you to extend your brand, your customer offering and your appeal to the i-generation

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G-Cloud 11 Supplier

We are very proud to have been selected to supply services to the Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 11 framework. There are two services that are available from Raidiam:

Cloud Software - Raidiam Connect

Cloud Support - Identity & Access Management Support Portal

For more information about these services and how to procure, please register as a ‘buyer’ on the Digital Marketplace