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Raidiam supports Open Insurance Brasil in achieving another important milestone

Raidiam is proud to announce that Open Insurance Brasil has reached an exciting and important milestone: January 2023 marked the successful go-live of the first Phase 2 – Customer Data APIs.

What does this mean?

The ecosystem is now operational with the inclusion of customer consents – this significant achievement means that 32 Insurance Companies have now published their Certified Consents APIs, which provide the technical means for customers to approve the sharing of their consented customer data with TPPs and receive personalised services.

This achievement further cements Brazil’s leading position in the world of Open X, as the first fully operational non-banking data sharing ecosystem and the only country globally to be sharing customer data safely, securely and at scale across two different sectors.

Raidiam delivered this milestone for Open Insurance through implementing Raidiam Assure, our conformance testing and certification services. We provide the technical infrastructure and processes that allow an ecosystem controller to certify that its participants have correctly implemented their APIs in the Sandbox Environment, prior to them moving those APIs directly into Production.

The Consents API Certification and Publication is just the beginning of this exciting new phase for Open Insurance with the next API due to be released in March – Patrimonial Insurance – followed by all the remaining Data APIs to be certified and released by all participants in Mid-June.

Raidiam proudly developed and powers both Open Banking and Open Insurance in Brazil with our Raidiam Connect ecosystem-in-a-box technology. Our mission is to create a world where secure data sharing ecosystems open the way for everyone to be seamlessly connected to the products and services they need. These developments in Brazil go to the heart of what we’re all about.

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