For those organisations engaging in the connected economy trust is everything. Ensuring your customers have a secure and safe experience when using your services ultimately is a culmination of a myriad of processes, services and infrastructure all of which start with ensuring secure communications. Secure communications require a secure and stable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI); an area always overlooked and overcomplicated but is the corner stone of secure communications in the modern age.

Raidiam Connect PKI Services is part of a suite of technology enablers available to answer the needs of your connected economy journey

Introducing Raidiam Connect PKI Services, part of the Raidiam Connect technology enablers designed to provide a safe, secure, light touch solution to answer the key questions of compliance and operational readiness in today’s API connected economy.

What does it do?

The Raidiam Connect PKI is a comprehensive certificate authority that makes the management of certificates simple. By offering a completely RESTFul API for certificate management, the Raidiam Connect PKI service can be secured like all other services in an IT Estate. By layering on Authorization and Authentication services like those available in the Raidiam Connect Trust Services, organisations can empower technology professionals and processes to self manage their certificates whilst ensuring that they remain in complete control of their security estate.

The Raidiam Connect PKI offers both standard certificate status validation processes, CRL and OCSP both of which can be deployed globally and in an auto scaling mechanism to support extreme load and throughput.

Crucially, the Raidiam Connect PKI can take full availability of the power of the cloud to support limitless scaling, on demand compute resource use only and unlimited certificate issuance where the cost of certificate issuance is limited to the cost of compute and storage. This offers tremendous cost savings when compared with competitor certificate authorities.

Getting PKI right historically has been challenging for organisations of all sizes and required teams of specialist security resources. For organisations that are struggling to find solutions for implementing a versatile and flexible Certificate Authority, the Raidiam Connect PKI Services module provides the following:

PSD2 / Open Banking Features:

  • Supports creation of eIDAS certificate profiles for testing

  • Supports creation of Open Banking certificate profiles

  • Used to validate and certify Raidiam Connect Gateway implementations used by Clients

Technology Capabilities

  • Highly configurable, additional profiles can be added on request

  • Additional certificate profiles available on request

  • Supports Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) generation and services

  • Supports Enterprise and Customer Facing Use Cases

  • Can be run as a service for non-production environments

  • Based on proven wide spread industry technology

  • Supports PKCS11 Hardware Security Module Integrations

  • Light weight design supporting multiple key and certificate storage mechanisms

API Capabilities:

  • A complete REST Api for certificate issuance and management

  • Sign certificate signing requests (CSR)

  • Revoke Certificates

  • Simple generation of Certificate, Public and Private Key Pair and CSR for Testing in a single API Call.

Infrastructure Capabilities:

  • Terraform Module to automate delivery of your own PKI service - 1 click!

  • Terraform Provider to enable automatic certificate creation and revocation in CI/CD pipelines

PSD2 _ OB  - Directory Compliance - Raidiam Connect PKI Model.png

If these capabilities are missing from your PKI, then Raidiam Connect PKI maybe just the solution you are looking for to accelerate your compliance journey and provide hassle free certificate management processes that allow you to concentrate time and capital towards the monetisation potential of your technology services.

Features And Benefits


In short, Raidiam Connect PKI is an enabler for organisations to accelerate the certificate management process in a fully flexible way that integrate seamlessly into your infrastructure; irrespective of your technology choices.

More specifically, Raidiam Connect PKI provides the following benefits:

  • Secure your PSD2 APIs with PSD2 eIDAS certificates

  • Lightweight and scalable

  • Easily configurable and customized

  • Provides eIDAS-conformant PKI certificate issuing bundle and test suite.

  • Co-exists with your existing technology stack

As a solution that is applicable across multi-channels, Raidiam Connect PKI can assist with Digital transformation, providing a vital core component that secures infrastructure service, servers, people and processes in a way that is simple, cost effective and assured. A solution that is ready for the modern world to facilitate smooth customer journeys and control around the use and issuance of certificates.

ready to find out more?

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