unlock customer value with digital identity

Raidiam is an identity specialist that provides digital transformation services focussed on customer and IoT identity. Raidiam helps customers solve real business problems and provide innovative ways of interacting with customers, partners and suppliers. 

Our mission is to help companies:

·       Transition to a modern, interoperable process of identity and authentication management 

·       Adopt an identity-centric approach and build the right reference architecture to support it

·       Create a single customer view, to manage permissions and privileges efficiently and securely 

·       Deliver a rich consumer digital experience that is both seamless and secure. 

·       Pursue a digital transformation that creates value for everyone

Founded by the leading architects who conceived the first platform to address Open Banking in the UK as well as key players in developing the OpenID Foundation Financial Grade API (FAPI) standard. Raidiam will find the right technologies and the right strategy for your business goals, across your entire value chain. 

With Identity at our core, we traverse the historical divide between business need and IT capability. Our accelerators; such as Raidiam Connect Gateway are designed to provide optimised routes of passage to meet your regulatory challenges such as the eIDAS digital certificate challenge under PSD2.

Our Services & Technology Enablers

Introducing the full suite of services that Raidiam provides. Following our ‘Triple A’ approach, our consultants are ideally placed to provide Strategy, Implementation and Support services as well as recommend our license based technology enablers, designed to assist your regulatory compliance journey as well as supporting wider digital transformation objectives:


Raidiam will help you identify the right platform for your strategic and regulatory environment. Our engineers will build on that strategy to create the platform you need to meet your business goals. And we’ll integrate and support that platform for you.


Raidiam Connect

A suite of technology enablers, designed to provide full support for your digital transformation journey. With the regulatory pressures within the financial services industry, still providing organisation with challenges , why not let Raidiam help you achieve eIDAS, PSD2 conformance with our light touch, flexible accelerators that answer the challenges of certification, authorisation and consent management; irrespective of technology choice.